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We are gradually making making changes to areas of our business where we can reduce the impact of our business on the planet. We will be adding to this list!



Home grown

Food sovereignty is becoming paramount in many minds, and the situation on Kangaroo Island is even more pressing. In addition to the occasional ferry cancellation, cutting off supplies from the mainland, the quality of the produce is compromised after it has travelled extra food miles.


Bin system

From the moment we arrived at the Guesthouse in 2016 we retained the system of separating the recycling from landfill rubbish. We have since added a green bin to ensure that food waste is not mingled with landfill waste, and we also have a separate bin for containers with the 10c refund. South Australia has led the way in Contained Deposit Legislation!


Reducing plastic bottles

In the past we would purchase containers of hand soap and bottles of cleaning liquids. We have made the switch to soluble tablets and reusable glass containers. We are gradually changing out any produce that comes in small containers


Fresh air vs clothes dryer

We have clothes dryers in our laundry for days when we cannot hope to get our towels and sheets dried using the glorious sun and sea salty air! The result is not only better for the environment & our bank account, but our guests notice the difference too.

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